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Early Voting is the KEY to our Success

Quality of life is important to you, that’s why you’re reading this newsletter. And that’s why voting in local elections should be a priority. Everything from your family's safety, local recreation, town road conditions and what you pay in rent or property taxes will be impacted by your vote this year.

Now there's no excuse for Democrats to skip a trip to the ballot box, because New York State voters can vote in person as early as October 23rd (see chart for details). Early voting polling sites this year are located at 25 Old Route 6, Carmel and 504 Fishkill Road, Cold Spring.

Another plus - Democrats are fantastic when it comes to voting early. In 2020, we made up 43% of the Early Vote count while Republicans were only 28%. That means if we rock the vote early and finish strong on Election Day we win more Putnam town and county elections.

There's no need to wait until November 2nd to vote. Get to the polls early and persuade your family, friends and neighbors to join you. When Democrats vote - Democrats win!


James Hyer

Vote for James for New York State Supreme Court Justice in the Ninth Judicial District because of his years of passionate commitment to the legal profession as mediator and administrative law judge. He will be effective, fair and dedicated. James is a leader in the legal community. He currently serves as President of the Westchester County Bar Association. James has:

  • been recognized as Leading Attorney by Hudson Valley Magazine (2021);
  • received a Human Rights Advocacy Commendation by the NYS Senate (2020);
  • served as an Administrative Law Judge on the Westchester Human Rights Commission and as Corporation Counsel for the Westchester Legal Aid Society.

Thomas Davis, Robert Berliner, James Hyer, Christie D’Alessio, Thomas Quiñones

In addition to Putnam’s James Hyer, Dems will have 5 votes for NYS Supreme Court and can send all 5 of our region’s candidates to the Supreme Court.

OUR County

Robert L Langley

Robert L Langley has been honored to serve as County Sheriff and, over the last four years, has lived up to his promise of Community Policing. The results have been outstanding, and since he took office:

  • Putnam County is now one of the 20 safest counties in the United States (U.S. News and World Report);
  • Crime in Putnam County has declined by 50% (NYS Department of Criminal Justice);
  • Opioid deaths in Putnam County have fallen by almost 50% (Putnam County Intelligence Report, 7/19/21).

Please volunteer, donate or learn more here.

Nancy Montgomery

Nancy Montgomery, is running for re-election to the Putnam County Legislature and is currently the only Democrat. Nancy believes residents deserve a fair, open government working for them and that personal attacks and bickering among officials are a waste of time and a calculated distraction. Nancy will:

  • Demand action on climate change through the smart implementation of Climate Smart Community grants;
  • Advocate to restore funding to our public safety departments;
  • Ensure transparency to reveal wasteful spending and pet projects that leave county employees overworked and citizens without essential services.
  • To learn more or donate, visit Elect Nancy

Scott Reing

Scott’s experience as County Chair for the Putnam Democratic Party has inspired his candidacy. As chair, Scott has fought against the lack of
transparency and self-serving tactics of the Legislature. He's running
because our county government needs accountability. When elected, Scott will speak truth to power and work to end the backdoor deals that ignore the community. Scott will:

  • Protect our county through green and smart climate initiatives;
  • Ensure our County Sheriff’s Department has what it needs to keep us safe;
  • Shrink the footprint of elected county officials by clawing back the egregious pay raises they gave themselves.

You can donate, volunteer, or learn more at

Stacy Dumont

Stacy Dumont and her family have lived in Patterson for 30 years. She is an active member of the arts community, a Special Educator at an area public high school and a champion of Democratic values. As your Putnam County legislator Stacy will:

  • Bring a new perspective and a fresh voice;
  • Tackle what's important to Patterson residents: the lake, our commercial strip, and our natural resources;
  • Prioritize the health, safety and quality of life for all residents of Putnam.

You can donate, volunteer, or learn more here.



James Carmody

James has lived most of his life in Carmel, has been deeply involved in the community as a student, volunteer, employee, and now as a candidate and fresh voice for the Town Council. James will:

  • establish Carmel as a climate-smart town that qualifies for government grants;
  • manage the town’s infrastructure, and advocate for a better use of Carmel’s open spaces;
  • champion Carmel’s underserved and most vulnerable citizens;

Please donate, volunteer or learn more here.

April Daly

April is a scientist and business owner with engineering and technology expertise. For 16 years, April has contributed to community projects and knows all about the issues that impact residents. April’s:

  • professional experience spans several industries, including work at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory;
  • goals comprise easing the tax burden on families and seniors; strengthening the infrastructure against severe weather; taking advantage of climate-smart grants; and expanding water, sewer and broadband;
  • plans address how digital surveillance is accessed, shared and retained to protect citizens’ privacy.

Please donate, volunteer or learn more here.


Oct 21 - Putnam Valley Library-sponsored Candidate Forum Meet us at Putnam Valley Middle School. Bring your questions for this League of Women Voters-moderated special event.

Nov 2 - Election Night Party! The PCDC is hosting to celebrate candidates as returns come in!

Four Brothers Restaurant, 654 US-6, Mahopac 9:00 p.m. – Cash Bar, Complimentary Appetizers

Join a group of friends for dinner beforehand!


Read - It’s Election Season, so let’s talk election law. While the media focuses on the rioters on January 6th, the more serious threat was less photogenic as House members voted later that night following the rules of The Electoral Count Act of 1887. On June 25, 2021 Matt Ford of The New Republic wrote The Obscure Law That Enabled Trump’s Subversion of the Electoral College. A good primer.

For you election-law geeks, if you really want to wonk out - here is a four-part series written by Sara Swan of The Fulcrum called Election Evolution. She describes the series as follows - “To provide a comprehensive analysis of the voting law changes in every state and Washington, D.C. since 2019, The Fulcrum compiled data from the Voting Rights Lab, the National Conference for State Legislatures, the Brennan Center for Justice, and state statutes and constitutions.” Have at it!

Watch - Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special, The Closer, pulls no punches. And like it or not, his take on race, gender and cancel culture are increasingly part of our electoral conversation. So, watch the special and then catch-up on the watercooler conversation with these three very different takes - Saed Jones’s Dave Chappelle’s Betrayal in GQ, Helen Lewis’s Dave Chappelle Rorschach Test in The Atlantic and Andrew Sullivan’s Dave Chappelle is Right, Isn’t He? on Substack.

Read the Opposition -Mollie Hemingway is a senior editor at The Federalist, and one of the opposition’s most effective communicators and Fox News “spinners.” Her new book Rigged: How The Media, Big Tech, And The Democrats Seized Our Election is summarized here by her colleague John Daniel Davidson.

Listen - In 2004, Rolling Stone published its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and now, 17 years later, has fully revamped the list. Can you guess the new #1 song? Maybe. But we doubt you will guess #2. It’s a fun list. Here’s the Top 50.

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