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Our first-ever Putnam County Democrats Newsletter

A Welcome, From Your Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney

It gives me great pleasure to be the first entry, in the first-ever, Putnam County Democrats Newsletter.

As chair of the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) in these unprecedented times, I am committed to strengthening our party at the grassroots level - not just in the lead-up to elections, but 365 days a year.

As Democratic registration rises steadily in Putnam County it’s more important than ever to keep Democrats informed and this new, bi-monthly newsletter will be a great step in that direction.

Everything Democrats Need to Know - in brief, with links to dig deeper.

In one place, you’ll find succinct, timely content on federal, state, county and town issues & events affecting you and your family. Explore topics you care about in-depth with provided links. Another step in turning Putnam BLUE.


I am pleased to be part of the inaugural issue of the Putnam Democrats Newsletter. As chair of the Senate Committee on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, I have seen firsthand how the stress, despair and loneliness experienced by New Yorkers during the Covid pandemic is worsening the already dire opioid crisis. Currently, five bills that I introduced and that passed with bipartisan support await the governor’s signature. All are aimed at fighting the overdose crisis.

I know that Governor Kathy Hochul, co-chair of the state’s Heroin and Opioid Task Force, will be a great ally in this ongoing effort. Our loved ones and neighbors are counting on us. September is National Recovery Month.

What a time it is in Albany as we enter a new era with Governor Kathy Hochul at the helm. I look forward to working with her to legislate and make decisions impacting all New Yorkers.

Only weeks before Governor Cuomo resigned, he signed legislation I sponsored with Pete Harckham (A.7639/S6327) to help the Putnam County SPCA expand its capacity for dealing with animal cruelty cases by allowing officers from Dutchess and Westchester counties to assist Putnam County. Secondly, the Carmel School District had requested, and the governor signed, legislation(A.4494/S4481) to establish a reserve fund to cover any loss, claim, action, or judgement directly related to the district’s self-insured health benefit plan – a cost-effective use of savings.

Additionally, Governor Cuomo signed my bill (A.1933/S2997) permitting condo/coop owners to install rooftop solar panels, unless the board can state in writing why they cannot be allowed – supporting our statewide goal of 40% reduction in greenhouse gasses by 2030.

If you have ideas for new laws, please reach out or call 914-941-1111.

Our County

Everyday I work hard to ensure your safety and make the best use of your tax dollars. But recent unilateral cuts to the Marine Unit by our County Executive are penny-wise and dollar foolish.

The Sheriff’s Department has jurisdictional authority and the obligation to provide emergency and law enforcement services throughout the County, including waterways. Cold Spring and Garrison Fire Departments have small vessels for emergency response, but only the Sheriff’s Department can conduct investigations into boating accidents, drownings, criminal activity, or other incidents--or conduct safety checks of boaters on the river and Lake Mahopac, which we did regularly. And the NYS Parks Department provided the boats at no cost to the County with the stipulation that we patrol the Hudson Valley waterways. To read my full statement….

Wow, a new County Newsletter with the postings from your Town committees (six!) and elected representatives – for the very first time.

As we approach Election Day, I want to focus on NY’s Climate Smart initiative. Since 2016, the State has allocated literally millions of dollars to Dutchess, Westchester, Rockland and Ulster Counties - while our legislature has secured ZERO dollars. I can’t think of a topic that better illustrates the failures of the current Republican-controlled County Legislature - and my ongoing efforts to simply get them to do their jobs.

When I asked the County Executive for minutes from past Climate Smart meetings, I’m told “it’s all internal” and there are no minutes - but this really means the Legislature has not taken advantage of any state funds available to the County. If you’d like to see some of the projects our neighboring counties have secured - start here -

Our new newsletter fulfills three long-held goals of mine, Melinda’s, my Vice Chair, and all the hardworking volunteers who are the elected Town Chairs and members of the Putnam County Democratic Committee's Executive Team -

  • to more efficiently provide critical information on policy and events at the County level
  • to bring together our strong Town Committees and improve inter-Town communication
  • to strengthen the infrastructure of our grassroots County Democratic Party to better serve constituents and elect Democrats

I look forward to succinctly keeping you up-to-date on County Party activities each month - and encourage you to volunteer and learn more about our party.

Your Towns


The Carmel Democratic Committee will honor the incomparable Lillian Jones at a “Fiesta” on Tuesday, September 14, in Mahopac. For details, see Events below. State Senator Pete Harckham and Westchester County Executive George Latimer will be on hand to present proclamations in Lillian’s honor. For decades, Lillian has used her talent to improve our community and beyond, serving on the Mahopac CSD Board of Ed, as Putnam County legislator, and as Putnam County Director of Consumer Affairs—to name just a few. Read more about her record of achievement here: Those who wish to honor Lillian can also support the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life-Mahopac.

Throughout Kent, small meet-and-greets are happening every other week to acquaint voters with Team Kent's slate of candidates. If you are interested in attending a gathering, email and include your home address so we can find the event closest to you. Also, feel free to visit to learn how experienced and qualified our candidates are.

Will town residents vote to increase funding for Brewster’s library, the only library in Southeast? In July, the library board of trustees filed a petition with the town board, requesting that the following proposition be put on the November ballot: “Shall the annual contribution of the Town of Southeast for the Operating Budget of the Brewster Public Library be the amount of four hundred twenty thousand dollars ($420,000) annually?” The town board approved the request. If the proposition doesn’t pass, the library budget will remain at the 2011 level of $320,000. Democrats who want to be sure to vote on this should be aware that the proposition will appear as the last of six.

Vote fiscal conservatism, transparency and environmental responsibility - Ralph Smith for Supervisor, Wendy Whetsel & Terry Raskyn for Town Board, Shawn Keeler for Hwy Superintendent. Representing ALL of Putnam Valley, regardless of party or politics - vote on the Democratic or PV for ALL line in an important election with a direct impact on your taxes and quality of life. To learn more, donate or volunteer click here.

The Patterson Democratic Committee, in its efforts to rebuild, revitalize, and expand Democratic involvement, hosted the "Table Tour of Patterson” in August. The “Tour” visited 4 restaurants throughout the town; Legislature Candidate Stacy Dumont co-hosted the event along with committee Chair Erika Jenkins, and they chatted with Patterson residents about their concerns, Stacy’s plans as a legislator, and the Committee’s effort to grow in the coming years. The event featured special guests, including Sheriff Robert Langley, Town of Patterson Tax Receiver Mary DeLanoy, and Southeast candidate for Town Board Zach Disador. Visit for photos and to learn about upcoming events.

Greetings from the left side of the county. We’ve got issues—in a good way. Here’s one: Town Council member Jason Angell is pushing the county to begin sharing sales tax revenue with Putnam’s towns and villages. He’s not simply griping about a long-standing unfairness; he’s got a plan: Share the Growth, which calls on the county to share half of any yearly increase in sales tax revenue with local governments. It’s fair, non-partisan, just, and necessary. We’ve got a stellar slate of candidates to elect (John Van Tassel for Supervisor, Jason Angell and Megan Cotter for Town Council, Nancy Montgomery for County Legislature) and a pair of aces to thank for years of exemplary service to Philipstown: outgoing Supervisor Richard Shea and former Councilman Mike Leonard, who stepped down this summer. This town is much, much better for their efforts. Learn more about the celebration.


Sept 9 - You are invited to the James Hyer for Supreme Court Fundraiser - at the home of David and Marianne in Cold Spring from 6-8pm. RSVP at

Sept 12 - Save the date for Putnam Valley's Annual Friend/Fundraiser at Fahnestock's Taconic Outdoor Education Center Email for more info.

Sept 14 - You are invited to the Carmel Democrats' Fundraiser Fiesta! Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., Excelencia Mexicana, Mahopac. Get to know our 2021 Candidates; honor Lillian Jones for her lifetime of community service; celebrate our supporters. For more festive details, visit

Sept 18 - Please join us for Sheriff Robert L. Langley’s Annual Fall Fundraiser. It will be an afternoon filled with food, conversation and community at Pelton Pond Pavilion, one of Putnam’s most beautiful locations, from 4 to 6pm. Contact for additional info..

Sept 19 - Kent's traditional September Candidates’ Cookout will be held outdoors at Ryan’s Field on Sunday, September 19, noon to 2 pm. $10 per person / $20 per family. Meet neighbors and local candidates. Bring the family. Games for children. RSVP to

Oct 3 - The Philipstown Democrats will hold our Annual Fall Fundraiser and celebration of the public service of Richard Shea and Mike Leonard, retiring from the Town Board - at the Kemble House, from 4 -6pm at 20 The Boulevard in Cold Spring. Please join us!

Oct 3 - Be sure to stop by the Carmel Dems table at the Mahopac Street Fair 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. We are the spot of blue in this deep red town. See you there! And please visit


Read - Our leader, President Biden, said in his inaugural speech “stop the shouting and lower the temperature.” Molly Worthen looks at rising political sectarianism and hatred, and what can be learned from earlier religious factionalism in Is There a Way to Dial Down the Political Hatred? (If you are not a NYT subscriber - you may not get access.)

Watch - It takes effort to avoid efforts to turn every issue into a hot red/blue partisan battle. Learn more about Critical Race Theory, as two leading academics intelligently debate on ABC’s This Week.

Read the Opposition - If you don’t know how the opposition thinks, how can you expect to win arguments and change minds? You may disagree with most, maybe all, of what Darryl Cooper (MartyrMade on Twitter) writes, and reject his words out of hand because they were read aloud by Tucker Carlson, but this is one of the best summaries of how many on the other side think - read it!

Listen - Pandemics, droughts, fires, floods, hurricanes, military defeat… so you can play it loud. With Charlie Watts’ passing, here are two fave Rolling Stones songs which highlight his drumming skills and the greatness of the band - Get Off My Cloud (1965) and Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ (1971). And yes, the Sticky Fingers album cover had a working zipper. Take that, streamers!

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